Blue Lives Matter NYC

Blue Lives Matter NYC, is registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to help Law Enforcement Officers and their families during their time of need. Members of the organization are both police officers and members from other state and federal agencies that are dedicated to making a difference and demonstrating that "BLUE LIVES MATTER". Strong Tees Donates 10% off all proceeds to Blue Lives Matter NYC to ensure all purchases make a difference.

Blue Lives Matter NYC

Bethany House Foundation

We have partnered with The Bethany House Foundation to provide housing, clothing, food, and toiletries for homeless women and children in our community. The Bethany House Foundation was founded in 1978 and has not stopped growing since. Their staff is amazing as they help families get back on their feet after they suffer hardships such as homelessness. We were able to host dinner for 20 homeless kids and women who were extremely appreciative of everything. We donated many toiletries because you could only imagine the supplies it takes to have 20 people in one house. 

Family to the Rescue

Family to the Rescue is a charity organization who builds houses for disabled citizens. We were able to donate clothing and helped them complete their latest project. They solely rely on donations from companies which include windows, roofing, wood, and tools. They are a great group of people with big hearts. Family to the Rescue believes in making a positive difference in people's lives through home renovations. Every year they receive hundreds of applications from people. They're currently filming a T.V. show and look to expand their charity.